We're excited to inform you that the new bar/conservatory redesign will be completed in full in preparation for The Captains Drive In on Saturday 31st March. This is the official opening for all members and we look forward to welcoming you all. We appreciate all the support and understanding during this period of upheaval but the end is in sight!!

We really hope this can be an opportunity for members to embrace the new facilities and support members events and social events at every opportunity. We aim to create a thriving membership base and a major component of this is the fantastic club atmosphere we possess.

There is an upgrade option to increase your membership from 5 day to 7 day. This applies to all existing 5 day members who wish to support weekend competitions and play weekend golf for the remainder of their membership year. There is a nominal fee and for further info please get in contact with Rob Pritchard (Director of Golf) to discuss further.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 31st March if not before.....