The Beaumont Trophy is a seniors Four ball Better Ball Match play event for the higher handicaps with a stipulation that two players must be over the age of 65. After discovering this event, the handicap range and the age stipulation you would expect this to play into our hands. Could this be our year?!


 The first round was Away at The Suffolk; notorious for being a tight golf course (similar to our own) we were hoping this wouldn't faze our team dazzling with talent!


 With four strong pairs oozing confidence the match began. One match was a positive 3up win with Alan Oldfield and Paul Samain claiming the victory. The dogged Doug (King) & Dave (Leek) earning a well fought draw. The Captain (Jeff Moore) and his 'very' experienced partner Tony Robinson had a tough match which ended up finishing 2dn. So Cretingham were 1 up with the final match to finish which included the once formidable pair of Terry McCusker and Don Ledwith. Unfortunately their final pair was just too good for Terry and Don and they left the course 6dn.

 Well done to all who participated and better luck next year.