On Sunday 18th May the First Round of the Tolly took place on a lovely day away at Flempton. Flempton is renowned for being one of the best 9 hole courses in the country!! A course that was created in 1895 has been designed with accuracy in mind; therefore good ball striking is key.


 The Tolly format is a Foursomes (Alternate Shot) round, both morning and afternoon. The Hambro Scoring also adds a twist because every hole counts.


 The teams began teeing off at 9.30am on this bright Sunday morning. The team consisted of


Pair 1 - Paul Samain & Ryan Turnbull


Pair 2 - Mel Harradine & Alan Oldfield


Pair 3 - Kevin Calver & Doug King


Pair 4 - Paul Robinson & John Churchyard


 The morning went perfectly to plan with the whole team adjusting well to the demands of the tight 9 hole course. With Mel Harradine & Alan Oldfield gaining a half and the remaining three pairs all finishing 2 up, lunch tasted sweet! The team’s rich form continued into the afternoon round with all but one team being up in the afternoon. Coming to the last 6 holes Cretingham were 8 up for the day but unfortunately Flempton mounted their fight back! The first two matches both finished 1 up but unfortunately the remaining two pairs for Flempton finished 6 up & 3 up which tipped the final result in favour of Flempton by just 1 hole!


 This match was played in Great Spirit and Thanks to all involved during the build-up. Better luck next year lads!!